Would You Walk the World’s Longest Suspension Bridge?

Hanging high above any semblance of land is the world’s longest suspension bridge, located in Portugal. It opened up to reservations on Sunday, so the public can take a stroll and take in incredible views. If you plan on visiting, consider one anonymous visitor's advice to not look down while crossing. "You should look ahead, nothing will happen," they said. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has the details.


  1. roachtoasties


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  2. ray the man

    ray the man



  3. shree pandey

    shree pandey

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    Baglung ,nepal would longest Suspension bridge .. 567 m.

  4. shree pandey

    shree pandey

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    Baglung ,nepal would longest Suspension bridge .. 567 m.

  5. shree pandey

    shree pandey

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    Baglung ,nepal would longest Suspension bridge .. 567 m.

  6. TheEpicBirb


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    Comparing I can't go on the Capilino suspension bridge, I don't know how I would do this

  7. Angie b

    Angie b

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  8. Daren Samuel

    Daren Samuel

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    I would rather........ get a SUSPENSION from school I don't like heights!

  9. Mr Right

    Mr Right

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    Hell yeah

  10. aayan goverski

    aayan goverski

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    This was my father’s route to school back in the day

  11. Walle C

    Walle C

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    In a heartbeat I would

  12. Dropping 2020 in every video

    Dropping 2020 in every video

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    Nah... Not in this life time.

  13. Aashutosh Kandel

    Aashutosh Kandel

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    This is not the longest suspension pedestrian bridge. It’s in Nepal with length of 567meters.

  14. Yandere Fangirl

    Yandere Fangirl

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    Whenever I went to church camp, there was this bridge in the area that we had to cross to get to the gift shop area. It swung on purpose and was over a small creek, but I was always afraid that it would break someday. The counselors and my friends always said that it wasn’t going to break. And what happened years later? The bridge broke! And that is why I would never cross that super long bridge!

  15. Dee egnima

    Dee egnima

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    Not me

  16. Gabriel Caramet

    Gabriel Caramet

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    There's no way I'm doing that

  17. Paul Simon

    Paul Simon

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    Don't think of afraid of heights! If you think, you're DEAD!

  18. Sam Gecko

    Sam Gecko

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    It is not the longest bridge in the world. It's Nepal's Baglung Suspension bridge of 567 metres.❤️❤️

  19. Sam Gecko

    Sam Gecko

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    It is not the longest bridge in the world. It's Nepal's Baglung Suspension bridge of 567 metres.❤️❤️

  20. Sam Gecko

    Sam Gecko

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    It is not the longest bridge in the world. It's Nepal's Baglung Suspension bridge of 567 metres..❤️❤️

  21. 958rocket


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  22. Cal L

    Cal L

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    This is the best spot to conquer fear of heights.... or dying from it.

  23. Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner

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    Three million dollars ?? That’s awfully cheap

  24. Ballplaya96 X

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  25. Melissa Matthews

    Melissa Matthews

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    I can say I won't be going across that thing

  26. Aaron L

    Aaron L

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    it cant hold more than 10 Americans at a time

  27. Jake R

    Jake R

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    Someone will try to walk across this bridge in heels and get stuck 0:28 So it took 2 years to build and it cost 3 million dollars? Actually not expensive, I thought a project like this would cost more.

  28. Israel Gomez

    Israel Gomez

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    imagine 11 people go and then the bridge just collapses

  29. Hadi


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    Not scared.. i would do it

  30. Teryn B

    Teryn B

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  31. WTGSpike


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  32. IAmJust Amanda

    IAmJust Amanda

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    Hell No!!!! I ain't walking that for money or fame✌🏼

  33. oreo bros

    oreo bros

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    3 mil

  34. you are breathtaking !

    you are breathtaking !

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    What about 567m long suspended footbridge of nepal

  35. Hawaii 5O

    Hawaii 5O

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    I have already walked it (I have family living in Alvarenga which is next to it) It is an amazing walk because it comes straight from the boardwalks next to the river. The area in general is amazing for trekking.

  36. TeAmo Yeshua Hamashiacيُعَمِّد

    TeAmo Yeshua Hamashiacيُعَمِّد

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  37. Eli Stockton

    Eli Stockton

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    Man just gonna hate seeing this break in a few years cause too many people got on it

  38. Moogie B

    Moogie B

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    Darn, already went to Portugal & not going back. Too bad I missed it. Not. 🤣

  39. Bruuuh


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    “Hah! That bridge is not scary! Anyone who doesn’t go on it is a coward!” -bruuuuh 2000-2021

  40. Gucci Alan

    Gucci Alan

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  41. friendly video's with travis basso

    friendly video's with travis basso

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    Nope my heart would stop

  42. D King

    D King

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    My stomach got knots thinking about crossing this.

  43. Bubbles Awesome

    Bubbles Awesome

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    I would walk it and than tell my kids that’s how I got to school.

  44. Mi Ki

    Mi Ki

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    My fear of heights won't allow me to cross it

  45. Blood Rain

    Blood Rain

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    I want to so bad

  46. Shayla Williamson

    Shayla Williamson

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  47. 1NS3CT1ONS


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  48. frosty On crack

    frosty On crack

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  49. Jrman513


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    No I’m good thanks for asking 🙃

  50. Quantum Diaming

    Quantum Diaming

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  51. andrew carson

    andrew carson

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  52. Bomi


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    Haha no

  53. Wardany Wardany

    Wardany Wardany

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    Yea no thanks i would watch tv instead

  54. ThatHat


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  55. PRFF and ever

    PRFF and ever

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    Would I go across a bridge like that? No no no, did I mention no! Forget fear of heights. Try mixing that with a severe fear of being on something unstable. True that I haven’t been on a bridge like that and I shouldn’t give it a cold shoulder. But I would probably be shaking over that before worrying about fear of heights.

  56. Local Pilot Gaming

    Local Pilot Gaming

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    I mean yes if there is golds on the other side

  57. Maple Tree 2

    Maple Tree 2

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    Am I the only one here who wants to walk across it

  58. HotCoco ButterMan

    HotCoco ButterMan

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    For a reward YES

  59. Brown_Beauty


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    Hell to da naw!!

  60. Prajwal Shrestha

    Prajwal Shrestha

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    Nepal has more longer suspension bridge than this one

  61. Luv for Zendaya

    Luv for Zendaya

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    I will have anexity on the bridge

  62. Kuma


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    Ill walk it for 2 mil, pay up

  63. noodengr3 three

    noodengr3 three

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    Yes I will the next time I visit Portugal one of my favorite countries

  64. MrKing 13

    MrKing 13

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    I have a huge fear of heights, if I ever went on that I would be on the ground of the bridge screaming to get off

  65. Elemenist


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    The bridge looks like its gonna snap any second

  66. morgan


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  67. MerZenary Don

    MerZenary Don

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    😂😂😂notice nobody is looking down

  68. はたはあなあは


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    People in the comments:man that's scary I'm not walking on that what imagine if I fell! The people who built it and had to stay hanging in the middle of two ledges hundreds of metres in the air in the same place for hours: AmATeURs.

  69. Tanvi Khare

    Tanvi Khare

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    No, youtube recommend, I will not

  70. C P

    C P

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    And that’s a nope for me.

  71. Captain Hoopla

    Captain Hoopla

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    If I'm lucky it'll snap once i walk on

  72. Killa Pickle Pirate Panda

    Killa Pickle Pirate Panda

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  73. 《Zainab Arshad》

    《Zainab Arshad》

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    My route to school:

  74. Swamp Fox

    Swamp Fox

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    Yes I would walk that bridge.

  75. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode

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    Hell naw

  76. Pixie


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  77. Ali San

    Ali San

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    Sure no problem.

  78. Johann Wu

    Johann Wu

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    Sooo scared but sooo want to try 💀

  79. QueenJenna


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    Oh, heck no. I would need to be drugged up and have someone carry my sorry behind cause I ain't doing that willingly, you all got me twisted. Cause if I had to choose to walk it through or that be the end of mankind if I chose to stay home. That be the end for me. I'm done I can't. It's all nice knowing you ⚰️🥀

  80. lazy demon lord

    lazy demon lord

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    Sounds fun to run on🤣🤣🤣🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  81. 1Drummer


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    No, I would not.

  82. Dambar Stha

    Dambar Stha

    9 napja

    Wrong claimed... Nepal has the longest one with 576 m..more beautiful than this with big river flowing underneath...

  83. WordPlay Messiah

    WordPlay Messiah

    9 napja

    I'm terrified of heights but I'll still walk across. It would be the longest 10 mins ever

  84. JfhfhfhH Hdjfhf

    JfhfhfhH Hdjfhf

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  85. Widow’s Ugly ass shoe

    Widow’s Ugly ass shoe

    9 napja

    Imagine ypur car keys fell-

  86. Ronni Satterwhite

    Ronni Satterwhite

    9 napja

    Who even built this???😬😬😳😳

  87. Edna E’ Mode

    Edna E’ Mode

    9 napja

    Imagine riding a skateboard on the down bit, or a bike

  88. Great BavariaBall

    Great BavariaBall

    9 napja

    I went to one of these swinging bridges somewhere in Austria

  89. Nietabs


    9 napja

    Imagine after 20 years. Rusty and poorly maintained Bridge, imagine that

  90. Crazy Blastin’

    Crazy Blastin’

    9 napja

    .............. ................... ........no

  91. gorillasquad718


    9 napja

    Uh I love my life thank you 😊

  92. Youtube Voxzy

    Youtube Voxzy

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    I actually went on this when I was 12 wit my family. It is not scary whatsoever

  93. Pun.k Neo

    Pun.k Neo

    9 napja

    Hell no

  94. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

    9 napja

    *NO* thank you

  95. MegTheQween


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    i wouldn't walk on it i will drive on it

  96. Honeybunch


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    Wow I would love to walk it...on a non windy day.

  97. ij! Mix

    ij! Mix

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    If I walk that I’m not going alone or I mean I’m cutting a rope on that bridge

  98. Seek1878


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    I don't see why not.

  99. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX Josefsen

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  100. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

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    You gotta spin around in circles till you get dizzy and then walk across